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Profitable Solopreneur

Disrupting work one Monday at a time. The must-listen-to business and career show to help you thrive in your profession, learn entrepreneurship, find more free time, and love Mondays!

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Jan 3, 2023


Goal setting should be 365 says of the year yet many people wait until this 1st month. 🤨


Before you hop on a new challenge, open your wallet to pay for a new gym or course or program, please give me a couple of minutes to ask you to answer five questions. 👇🏻


You can download these questions as a PDF...

Dec 19, 2022

If you run a business, you need to grow an email list. The money really is in the list. Today we speak with email marketing expert Jacob Suckow. Tune in to learn some of his best tips to grow your brand and business using email.


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Dec 10, 2022

If you run a business, you surely have an online presence, but is your website working for you? If you aren’t getting regular inquiries, sign-ups, or purchases, SEO could be the problem. Today we speak with Silvia Del Corso, Founder of PinkSEO, an SEO marketing agency in London.

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Oct 16, 2022

Is it possible to sell without the ick? Nikki Rausch says so and she isn't afraid to show how!

Nikki is a sales coach, host of The Sales Maven podcast with a no sleaze, no slime, and no stress approach to building your business, and author of The Selling Staircase, and Buying Signals, two excellent books on...

Sep 20, 2022

From the outside, running a business may look a certain way that can be misleading. Entrepreneurs market themselves by showing off their successful results. Often, new entrepreneurs don't understand that there is much more going on than meets the eye. In this short episode, let me remind you what is behind the curtain...