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Apr 10, 2022

Let's face it: building a business can be SUPER stressful. You don't have any security, you hear 'no' or crickets a lot, you stress about money, and you often have poor to non-existent boundaries between your personal and work life.

Plus, did I mention it can be lonely? Welcome to entrepreneurship!

In this episode, extra special for my business bosses, I'll share all my tips how to reduce stress and prevent burnout.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Ideal Client Quiz:

Find Your Niche:

Super Powers Quiz:

Niche of the Niche:

Crappy Clients:

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Bread and Butter Clients:

Success Team:

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Tony Robbins Inner Circle:

Vetting People:

The Four Hour Work Week (Affiliate Link):

Free to Focus (Affiliate Link):

The Full Focus Planner:

The High Performance Planner (Affiliate Link):

The 10x Planner:

Gabby Bernstein Journal:

Marisa Peer:

Time Management Course:

Kill the Ego:

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