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Self Made Stories

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Apr 29, 2019

To understand how to get to real happiness, you have to first 'wake up'. This means self-awareness that something is 'off' and the acknowledgment that the outward metrics you have always relied on to determine your happiness are flawed and you must stop pretending. There must be something more to life! At first, 'waking up' can feel like depression because you feel an emptiness and a deep void that doesn't make sense. But it is just a sign that you not living aligned with your true inner values. This is the very beginning of the journey. In this episode, I share my personal story of 'waking up' to discover there was something missing in my perfect life. I get really personal. It took a lot of courage to share all this with you but I want to be vulnerable because I am only human and I think my story may help someone who is in a similar situation to 'wake up' too.