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Take Back Mondays

Krista Mollion is the founder of The SASSY Method, (Seriously Authentic, Smart, Self-Confident You), a business and life coaching program for aspiring and new business owners to find their niche, make money, and thrive.

On her podcast, she interviews sassy business bosses who love Mondays.

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Jul 18, 2019

How do you feel about your 40s?

Kris Macc wanted to let those feelings be known by interviewing women all over the world about it.

If you've already hit or passed 40, you'll love the title of her new book, No Approval Needed. Women in their 40s are unapologetic. You stop caring what others think since you are who you are, for better or for worse (hopefully, mostly for better).

I loved discussing vulnerability and self-awareness with Kris and hope you enjoy it and check out her amazing book, No Approval Needed.

About the Guest. 

Kris Macc is author, speaker, consultant, and coach, who speaks regularly on the topics of leadership, emotional intelligence, trust, vulnerability, and women. She is president of KMACC SOLUTIONS: 

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