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Take Back Mondays

Krista Mollion is the founder of The SASSY Method, (Seriously Authentic, Smart, Self-Confident You), a business and life coaching program for aspiring and new business owners to find their niche, make money, and thrive.

On her podcast, she interviews sassy business bosses who love Mondays.

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Aug 9, 2019

Michael David Chapman gets real and raw with me as he shares his personal story from a rocky first half of adult life to who he is today, a man of incredible self-awareness of both the good and the bad, his strengths and his shortcomings and above all, his values rooted in his family.

 Michael David has chosen to use his turbulent experiences to help other men navigate the ups and downs of adulting, and ultimately, to find themselves.

 All men (and women) can benefit from listening to his story, notably how the secret to healthy relationships starts with doing the tough love work on the inside.

 Favorite Quote from Micheal: "You can't put much in a clenched fist."

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